Asian Contemporary Art Week 2002 Nov. 5 - 10




Tuesday, November 5, 2002
An Evening in SoHo & Chelsea

5:30- 6:30pm Lecture
A conversation between curator Dan Cameron and Indian Installation artist Nalini Malani,
Followed by reception.

New Museum of Contemporary Art
583 Broadway
(between Houston & Prince Streets)

 6-9pm Receptions
An evening with acclaimed Indian adtist
Jogen Chowdhury.
Bose Pacia Modern
508 West 26th Street, 11th floor
(between 10th & 11th Avenues)
Paresh Maity: Odessy of Light- An exhibition
featuring recent oils and watercolors that celebrates
both light and space.
Gallery ArtsIndia
206 Fifth Avenue
(between 25th & 26th Streets)
An evening with Chinese artist Wei Dong.
“Déjà vu” – Recent Works by Wei Dong
Plum Blossoms Gallery
555 West 25th Street
(between 10th & 11th Avenues)
Landscape – An exhibition featuring work by Jungjin
Lee, Yukio Oshima, Stuart Rome.
Sepia International Inc.
The Alkazi Collection of Photography

148 West 24th Street, 11th floor
(between 6th & 7th Avenues)
An evening with artist Paresh Maity – Exhibition of Recent Works
Gallery ArtsIndia
206 Fifth Avenue
(between 25th & 26th Streets)


Wednesday, November 6, 2002
An Evening Uptown & Beyond
5:30-6:30pm Lecture & Tour
Curator at the Rubin Museum speaks on Himalayan Art and Iconography
Rubin Museum of Art
115 Fifth Avenue, 7th floor
(between 18th & 19th Streets)
Age of Innocence:
Exhibition of Paintings by the Guo Brothers

Goedhuis Contemporary
42 East 76th Street
(between Park & Madison Avenues)
164 East 64th Street
(between Lexington & Third Avenues)
Functional Clay: Contemporary Japanese Ceramics
Suzanne Mitchell Asian Fine Arts
17 East 71st Street
(between Madison & Fifth Avenues)


Thursday, November 7
An Evening in Tribeca & Beyond

6-7:30pm Artist Talk
$10/$8 Japan society members and seniors/
$5 students

Inside the Studio: Yasumasa Morimura
A talk by acclaimed contemporary artist
Yasumasa Morimura.
Japan Society
333 East 47th Street (between 2nd & 1st Avenues)
For information and tickets: or

6-9pm Receptioms

With(in)- Group exhibition of artists from New York
and Thailand. Curated by Naomi Urabe.
Art in General
79 Walker Street (between Broadway & Lafayette)
Chopsticks: Song Dong and Yin Xiuzhen
An exhibition exploring the themes of eat, drink, play and happiness.
Chambers Fine Art
210 Eleventh Avenue, 2nd Floor (at 25th Street)

7:30-10pm Reception & Performance

Zhao Bandi- Exhibition Reception
Gallery opening and “art cart” exhibition of experimental video by artists Qiu Zhijie and Gu Dexin.
Ethan Cohen Fine Arts
37 Walker Street
(between Broadway & Church Streets)


Friday, November 8, 2002
Asia Society and Museum

6:30-8pm Symposium
$65/$50 Society Members

Looking Ahead: Dialogues in Asian
Contemporary Art

A symposium devoted to discussion of Asian contemporary art
by curators, artists, critic and collectors.

Keynote session: Okwui Enwezor and Apinan
Poshyananda in conversation with Vishaka N. Desai

8-9pm Reception

China Refigured: The Art of Ah Xian
An exhibition of works by Chinese contemporary artist
Ah Xian. Curated by Melissa Chiu.
Asia Society and Museum
725 Park Avenue (at 70th Street)
For information and tickets: or 212.517.Asia Society


Saturday, November 9, 2002
Symposium and Other Events

9:30-10am Registration
10am-6:30 Symposium*

Looking Ahead: Dialogues in Asian
Contemporary Art
Asia Society
725 Park Avenue (at 70th Street)

7-8pm Performance & Lecture
Making it home: Three Contemporary Asian Artists
Performance by Hisatasu Takashio and a talk by
C.J. Yeh. Curated by Miwako Tezuka and Shin-Yi Yang.
Ise Cultural Foundation
555 Broadway (between Prince & Spring Streets)

Sunday, November 10
Artists Studio Visits
Studio visits are free and open to the public, but registration
is essential. Contact or 212.327.9286

1-4pm Open Studios
Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Rina Banerjee
Mixed media artist (b. Calcutta, India) living/working in NYC. Banerjee has exhibited in numerous shows including the 2000 Whitney Biennial.
Toru Hayashi
Painter transforming city landscape into abstract images on canvas and on paper. Lives/works in Brooklyn.
Grant Huang
Raised in Houston, TX, now lives/works in Brooklyn creating “cuddly,
weepy, bony, shivery, and/or kindly” paintings.
Oscar Oiwa
(b. Sao Paolo, Brazil) Oiwa has exhibited internationally. With several commissioned art projects in Japan, he has had recent solo shows in Paris and Tokyo.
Athena Robles
Robles is an installation artist whose delicate works frequently employ paper making techniques. She was previously involved with the Asian American art group called Godzilla.
Dumbo, Brooklyn
Jean Shin
Shin is a Korean-American artist based in Brooklyn. Her sculptures and installations use society’s cast-offs to explore her relationship to the body, nature, and architecture.
Long Island, Queens
Katsuhiro Saiki

Born in Tokyo, Saiki is a photographer in residence at P.S.1.
Upper East Side
Nina Kua

Based in NYC, Kua words in a variety of media juxtaposing East and
West, past and future.
And more-
Sari Dalena

An independent Philipino filmmaker, Dalena lives/works in NYC.
Her work focuses on experimental and historical subjects.
1-4pm Open Studios

Cheng-Tsai Chen, Taiwan
Taka Hito, Japan
Yoshiaki Kaihatsu, Japan
Ai Ran Kang, Korea
Shin Ichiro Kitaura, Japan
Hideki Nakazawa, Japan
Shiro Masuyama, Japan
Satoshi Watanabe, Japan International Studio & Curatorial Program
323 West 39th Street (between 8th & 9th Avenues)

Video presentations by Atsushi Nishijima and Xu Tan
Location One
26 Greene Street (between Grand & Canal Streets)

Symposium Schedule

Looking Ahead: Dialogues in Asian Contemporary Art
Asia Society and Museum

November 8 - 9, 2002

In the past decade, Asian artists have gained significant attention in the United States with inclusion in large-scale exhibitions in museums, representation by major galleries and the development of new fields of study at universities. This symposium seeks to address this recent interest by bringing together curators, writers, collectors and scholars from Asia, the United States and Europe to discuss issues central to Asian contemporary art such as the complexity of Asian transnationalism in Western context; the translation of cultural specificity; and the legacy of plural experiences of modernity. The format of this symposium will be a series of conversations rather than formal papers.


Friday, November 8

6.30-8pm Welcome & Introduction
Moderator: Vishakha N. Desai (Senior Vice President & Director of Museum,
Asia Society)
Keynote Speakers: Okwui Enwezor (Artistic Director, Documenta 11, 2002) &
Apinan Poshyananda (Associate Professor, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand)
8-9pm Reception

Saturday, November 9

10:00-11:15 am Collecting Contemporary Asian Art - Patronage & the Art Market
Moderator: Barbara Pollack (Writer, ArtNews)
Speakers: Gary Garrels, (Chief Curator & Curator of Paintings and Sculpture, Museum of Modern Art, New York)
Kent A. Logan (Collector)
Steven Pacia (Partner, BosePacia Modern)
Laura B. Whitman (Vice President, Chinese Department, Christie’s Inc.)

11:15-12:30pm Linkages Between Diaspora and Homeland
Moderator: Margo Machida (Scholar, University of Connecticut & Asian/Pacific/American Studies Program, NYU)
Speakers: Ken Chu (Artist, New York)
Allan deSouza (Artist & Writer, Los Angeles)
Edwin Ramoran (Director, Longwood Arts Project, Bronx Council on the Arts)

12:30-1:30pm Break

1:30-2:45pm Curatorial Strategies & Models - Putting Asian Artists in Context
Moderator: Dan Cameron (Senior Curator, New Museum of Contemporary Art)
Speakers: Salima Hashmi (Artist, Writer and Independent Curator, Pakistan)
Yu Yeon Kim (Artist & Independent Curator, New York & Seoul)
Shamim M. Momin (Branch Director & Curator, Whitney Museum at Philip Morris)
Christopher Phillips (Curator, International Center of Photography)

2 :45-4:00pm Alternative Spaces, Alternative Models: Biennales/Triennales/Periodical Internationalism?
Moderator: Melissa Chiu (Curator of Contemporary Asian and Asian American Art, Asia Society)
Speakers: Hou Hanru (Curator, Shanghai Biennale 2000)
Yuko Hasegawa (Chief Curator, 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa, Japan)
Yong Soon Min (Artist, Los Angeles)

4:00-4:15pm Break

4:15-5:30pm Pop, New Technology & Art
Moderator: Lydia Yee (Curator, Bronx Museum)
Speakers: Alexander Ku (Artist, New York)
Nikki S. Lee (Artist, New York)
Barbara London (Curator, Museum of Modern Art, New York)
Mariko Mori (Artist, New York)
Ram Rahman (Artist, New York and New Delhi)

5:30-5:45pm Closing Remarks
Symposium Committee: Dan Cameron, Melissa Chiu, Vishakha Desai, Yu Yeon Kim, Margo Machida, Shamim Momin, Lydia Yee


China Avant-Garde
160 East 65th Street. New York, NY 10021
Tel: 212.585.2975 Fax : 212.879. 6372 Gallery hours: By appointment.
Specializing in important Chinese contemporary art, advising private and corporate collectors worldwide.

China 2000 Fine Art
5 East 57th Street New York, NY 10022
Tel: 212.588.1198 Fax: 212.588.1882
Gallery hours: Monday-Saturday, 10am to 6pm
China 2000 Fine Art, established in 1980 by Karen and Leon Wender, exhibits and sells contemporary and ancient Chinese art, calligraphy, Chinese scholar objects and furniture. Current exhibition: “Visual Dialogue – Chinese American Artists in New York”.

Kim Foster Gallery
529 West 20th Street New York, NY 10011
Tel: 212.229.0044 Fax: 212.229.0044
Gallery hours: Tuesday-Saturday, 11am to 6pm
Currently on view a collaborative exhibition (with Michelle Rosenfeld Gallery) of internationally acclaimed Korean-based artist Kwang-Young Chun. The artist orchestrates thousands of wrapped triangular shapes to produce variations of surface, texture and composition.

Gallery Vietnam
55 North Moore Street (in Tribeca) New York, NY 10013
Tel: 212.431.8889 Fax: 212.202.4737
Gallery hours: Monday-Sunday, 11am to 7pm
Fine Contemporary Vietnamese Art. Current group exhibition: “Introspections of the soul”.

170 East 75th Street New York, NY 10021
Tel: 212.734.5200 Fax: 212.734. 9469
Gallery hours: By appointment.
Kismet is a magical oasis in the heart of the Upper East Side, focusing on antique and contemporary Asian art with daily classes and workshops on a variety of subjects from yoga and meditation to home design and the healing arts.

M.Y. Art Prospects
135 West 29th Street, 10th floor New York, NY 10001
Tel: 212.268.7132 Fax: 212.278.7147
Gallery hours: Wednesday-Saturday, 11am to 6pm
M.Y. Art Prospects, established in 1998 by Miyako Yoshinaga, promotes Asian and non-Asian contemporary artists in the international marketplace and supports their multicultural perspectives and commitment. The November exhibition features a video installation by the Japanese artist Toshihiro Sakuma.

Yancey Richardson Gallery
535 West 22nd Street New York, NY 10011
Tel: 646.230.9610 Fax: 646.230.6131
Gallery hours: Tuesday-Saturday, 10am to 6pm
“Burma: Something Went Wrong” - Photography Exhibition by Chan Chao

Lea Sneider
211Central Park West New York, NY 10024
Tel: 212.724.6171 Fax: 212.769.3156
Gallery hours: By appointment.
Representing Japanese mingei, contemporary fiber art and textiles, ceramics, and Korean art of all ages.

The Tolman Collection
350 West 50th Street New York, NY 10019
Tel: 212.489.7696 Fax: 212.489.9530
Gallery hours: By appointment
The Tolman Collection represents contemporary Japanese printmakers working in limited editions and in a variety of techniques. The gallery was founded in Japan thirty-two years ago by Mary and Norman Tolman, who continue to direct the Tokyo operations. Their daughter, Allison Tolman, works by appointment in New York City.

Art Projects International
429 Greenwich Street, Suite 5B
New York, NY 10013
Tel: 212.343.2599
Fax: 212.343.2499
Gallery hours: By appointment
Routes of Influence: International Artists from Asia Society An exhibition featuring work by Pouran jinchi, In-Hyung Kim, Yeong Gill Kim, Il Lee, Hilda Shen, Jian-Jun Zhang.

The Rubin Museum of Art
To open in New York City, March 2004
For information contact Rubin Cultural Trust
Tel. 212.780.2235
The Rubin collection, one of the largest and most comprehensive collections of Tibetan and Himalayan painting in the world, contains thangkas, masterful sacred scroll paintings, sculpture and other examples of art from the 12th through the 19th centuries.

New Museum of Contemporary Art
583 Broadway New York, NY 10012
Tel. 212.219.1222 Fax. 212.431.5328
Gallery hours: Tuesday-Sunday, 12 to 6pm; Thursday, 12 to 8pm

Founded in 1977, the New Museum is one of the premier contemporary art museums in New York City. Dynamic solo exhibitions and landmark group shows define key moments in the development of contemporary art, reflect the global nature of art today, and span a vast array of cultural activities and media. The museum is guided by the conviction that contemporary art is a vital social force that extends beyond the art world into the broader culture.

Art in General
79 Walker Street New York, NY 10013
Tel. 212.219.0473 Fax. 212.219.0511
Gallery hours: Tuesday-Saturday, 12 to 6pm
Founded in 1981 by artists in Lower Manhattan, Art in General has exhibited the work of nearly 4,000 artists working across a wide range of media. Art in General is devoted to supporting and stimulating the creation of contemporary art and providing and environment an environment in which artists can exhibit unconventional work and exchange ideas with their peers.
Ise Cultural Foundation
555 Broadway New York, NY 10012
Tel. 212.925.1649 Fax. 212.226.9362
Gallery hours: Tuesday-Saturday, 12 to 6pm
The Ise Cultural Foundation, a Japanese-business owned non-profit organization, was established in 1983 with endowments from the various companies, which comprise the Ise group. The foundation has promoted projects and offered assistance compatible with its purpose to further international mutual understanding and cultural exchange, especially in the areas of the fine and performing arts, education and communications.
Japan Society
333 East 47th Street New York, NY 10017
Tel. 212.832.1155 Box Office. 212.752.3015
Gallery hours: Tuesday-Friday, 11am to 6pm
Saturday & Sunday, 11am to 5pm
Japan Society, America’s leading resource on Japan, is a private, non-profit, non-political institution offering programs in the arts, business, education and public affairs. Founded in New York in 1907, Japan Society promotes greater understanding and cooperation between Japan and the U.S., and in recent years has reflected a broader Asia and global context in U.S.-Japan relations.
Location One
26 Greene Street New York, NY 10013
Tel. 212.334.3347 Fax. 212.334.3289
Gallery hours: Tuesday-Saturday, 12 to 6pm
As a catalyst, Location One brings together creativity along the two standards that have governed the history of human expression: the axis of expressive discipline and the axis of available technology.


Courtyard Gallery
95 Donghuamen Dajie
Dongcheng District, Beijing
Tel. 8610.65268882 Fax. 8610.65268880
Opened in May of 1996, the CourtYard Gallery is located directly across from the East Gate of the Forbidden City in Beijing. The 150 year-old courtyard house has undergone complete renovation for its contemporary function: to endeavor to be the leading art gallery in China, showing a broad range of contemporary Chinese art supporting established and promising young artists to a worldwide audience.

Long March Foundation
Established in 2000, the goal of The Long March Foundation is to advance Chinese contemporary art through innovative programming based on inter-cultural exchange. Our vision is to build a mobile and dynamic organization that will seek to fill the gaps between major institutions, independent curators and alternative forms of art practice.

Between July and October 2002, more than 100 “dedicated troopers” will bring contemporary art from Chin and abroad to the communities along the route of the historic Long March. Programs include exhibitions, symposia, and film screening at twenty different locations along the 6,000-mile path. See for a comprehensive archive of this travelling exhibition.






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