Arash Fayez (San Francisco & Tehran)

I Could Smell Arak Lingering on my Breath When I Pulled the Trigger

Arash Fayez’s lecture-performance examined three particular events concerning immigration and violence, interlacing them together using official documents, news reports, and personal materials to explore the displacement of a bicameral mind in-between various locations.

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Arash Fayez is an artist and curator with a passion for lecture-performance; his practice engages sociopolitical issues, interstitial space, location, language, identity and memories. He describes himself as a hybrid artist for whom photography is an intrinsic part of his creative process. Fayez has exhibited in a number of shows, including the First and Second Kaveh Golestan Photojournalism Competition in 2004 and 2005 in Tehran; a group exhibition in the Silk Road Gallery and Nufarul Photo Club, Romania, in 2005; and the First Biennale of Images of the World Photoquai held by the Musée du Quai Branly, Paris. Fayez is a member of the Iranshahr Photography Society. His works are exhibited in the collection of Houston’s Museum of Fine Art.

Arash Fayez’s participation in FIELD MEETING is supported by Kadist Art Foundation (San Francisco)
Right: Image courtesy of Carol Haggerty.