Presented Artists

Presented Artists in ACAW Curated Signature Programs

Asian Contemporary Art Week has presented over one thousand artists through a total of eight editions between 2002 – 2013. Some outstanding artists introduced to New York / US audiences through the
ACAW platform are:
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Cai Guo Qiang, China, lives in New York
Agus Suwage, Indonesia, lives in Indonesia
Danh Vo, Vietnam, lives in Berlin
Seher Shah, Pakistan, lives in US
Mariko Mori, Japan, lives in Japan
Sopheap Pich, Cambodia, lives in Cambodia
Svay Sareth, Cambodia, lives in Cambodia
Tracey Moffatt, Australia, lives in Australia
Vandy Rattana, Cambodia, lives in Cambodia
Wong Hoy Cheong, Malaysia, lives in Malaysia
Wu Wenguang, China, lives in China
Zarina Hashmi, India, lives in US
Anita Dube, India, lives in India
Atta Kim, Korea, lives in Korea
Chao-Liang Shen, Taiwan, lives in Taiwan
Qiu Zhijie, China, lives in China
Chaw Ei Thein, Burma, lives in Burma
Cheng Ran, China, lives in China
Firoz Mahmud, Bangladesh, lives in Bangladesh
Hiraki Sawa, Japan, lives in UK
Hisashi Tenmyouya, Japan, lives in Japan
Hu Xiaoyuan, China, lives in China
Huang Yuxing, China, lives in China
Liu Xiaodong, China, lives in China
Lu Yang, China, lives in China
Makoto Aida, Japan, lives in Japan
Mariam Ghani, US, lives in US
Mithu Sen, India, lives in India
Monir Shahroudy Farmanfarmaian, Iran, lives in Iran
Huma Bhabha, Pakistan, lives in US
Jakkai Siributr, Thailand, lives in Thailand
Jian-Jun Zhang, China, lives in US & China
Koichiro Kuita, Japan, lives in Japan
Lee Mingwei, Taiwan, lives in US
Mitra Tabrizian, Iran, lives in England
Muratbek Djumaliev & Gulnara Kasmalieva, Kyrgyzstan
Emily Jacir, US, lives in US
Il Lee, Korea, lives in US
Jaye Rhee, Korea, lives in US
Barbad Golshiri, Iran, lives in bet Iran and England
Jean Shin, Korea, lives in US
Kanishka Raja, India, lives in US
Lida Abdul, Afghanistan, lives in US & Afghanistan
Lin Yilin, China, lives in China & US

Akram Zaatari, Lebanon, lives in Lebanon
Atsuchi Suzuki , Japan, lives in Japan
Bani Abidi, Pakistan, lives in Pakistan & Germany
Bea Camacho, Philippines, lives in US
Chieh-jen Chen, Taiwan, lives in Taiwan
Emily Chang Chua, Singapore, lives in Singapore
Fudong Yang, China, lives in China
Hiraki Sawa, Japan, lives in Japan
Kota Ezawa, Japan and Germany, lives in US
Koki Tanaka, Japan, lives in US
Kwan Han Moo, Korea, lives in Korea
Mika Tajima, US, lives in US
Nadiah Bamadhaj, Malaysia, lives in Indonesia
Nikhil Chopra, India, lives in India
Shin Il Kim, Korea, lives in US
Tan Xu, China, lives in China
Visible Collective, Bangladesh, based in New York
Vivan Sundaram, India, lives in India
Pouran Jinchi, Iran, lives in US
Ranbir Kaleka, India, lives in India
Shilpa Gupta, India, lives in India
Subodh Gupta, India, lives in India
Alwin Reamillo, Philippines, lives in Australia
Amar Kanwar, India, lives in India
Atta Kim, Korea, lives in Korea
Atul Bhalla, India, lives in India
Qin Feng, China, lives in China
Qiu Xiaofei, China, lives in China
Raqs Media Collective, India
Rashid Rana, Pakistan, lives in Pakistan
Tian Xiaolei, China, lives in China
Tomoko Kashiki, Japan, lives in Japan
Ushio Shinohara, Japan, lives in US
Vibha Galhotra, India, lives in India
Wang Keping, China, lives in France
Xiaoze Xie, China, lives in US
Yamaguchi Akira, Japan, lives in Japan
Yang Jiechang, China, lives in France
Yoshitomo Nara, Japan, lives in Japan
Yun-woo Choi, Korea, lives in US
Zheng Shengtian, China, lives in China