Bio – Burçak BINGÖL

Burçak BINGÖL (Istanbul)
Burçak Bingöl’s works reflect her dense cultural heritage and her continued fascination with patterns. Through her labor-intensive process of tracing, coping and reconstructing she adopts an analytical approach to ornamentation. Bingöl’s drawings convey an unusual sense of order, although they are largely made up of non-symmetrical lines and patterns. A “mandala” pattern alludes to a spiritual journey, without any clearly defined trajectories. The works are organic (psychological) landscapes that hover between abstraction and representation, seduction and repulsion, mysticism and consumption that both embrace and disregard Eastern and Western traditions. Bingöl is also known for her ambitious work in ceramics, which both questions and expands the Western canon inviting a viewer to a re-consideration of the divide between art vs craft and high vs low. Burçak Bingöl was born in Ankara in 1976, but lives and works in Istanbul. She has been included in many group exhibitions, most recently in ‘The Way We Were’ curated by Ferhat Özgür at Galeri Zilberman. As a curator, she has organized exhibitions for the Goethe Institute, Ankara. Her work is in many collections in Europe and the Middle East.


Burçak Bingöl’s participation in FIELD MEETING is supported by Galeri Zilberman