Spring Consortium Exhibitions & Programs

New York City Venues


In and Out of Context: Asia Society Celebrates the Collections at 60
An exhibition that juxtaposes the museum’s historical and contemporary collections to play with the notion of context, and trigger new ways of considering artworks and the people that produce them, both past and present.


In The Wake: Japanese Photographers Respond To 3/11
March 11th – June 12th
As part of a series of of programs dedicated to the traumatic experience of the catastrophic earthquake and tsunami that struck northeast Japan in March 2011, this exhibition reveals a stunning range of photographic responses to the disaster and the artistic paths that lie ahead as Japan continues to rebuild.


Nasreen Mohamedi
March 18th – June 5th
As one of its inaugural exhibitions,The Met Breuer, presents one of the most significant artists of post ­Independence India, Nasreen Mohamedi (1937–1990). The exhibition represents the first museum retrospective of the artist’s work in the United States.


A Japanese Constellation: Toyo Ito, SANAA, and Beyond
March 13th – July 4th
Explores the influence and cross-pollination of architectural styles at the start of the 21st century by focusing on the the global impact and innovation of contemporary architecture from Japan since the 1990s.

Toyo Ito, SANAA, and Beyond
Panel Discussion
Monday, March 21st & Wednesday, March 23rd 1:30 pm
A discussion on the changing role of individual creativity in the formation and spread of style in architecture, and the importance of contemporary architecture in allowing for new functions and social relationships.


The Garden of Forked Tongues (2016)

Mariam Ghani’s The Garden of Forked Tongues (2016) is a gigantic mural commissioned as part of the Museum’s year-long project “Nonstop Metropolis: The Remix.” The mural depicts a map of Queens comprised of colored blocks, each representing languages that are disappearing from the world, but are still spoken in the remarkably polyglot borough of Queens.


Genesis Breyer P-Orridge: Try to Altar Everything
March 11th – August 1st
The exhibition explores the ways Hindu mythology and Nepal’s Kathmandu Valley have influenced the artist and h/er work, while providing visitors opportunities to personally interact with the artist and engage with the provocative themes of self-expression and devotion.

Steve McCurry: India
Through April 4th
The first museum exhibition to focus on renowned photographer Steve McCurry’s India photographs. The exhibition spans three decades of his work, presenting stunning photographs of Indian people, monuments, landscapes, seasons, and cities.

But a Storm Is Blowing from Paradise: Contemporary Art of the Middle East and North Africa
April 29th – October 5th
The third exhibition of the Guggenheim UBS MAP Global Art Initiative illuminates contemporary artistic practices in the Middle East and North Africa and the region’s diaspora.


Interpret Print
March 11th – 24th
A submission-based art exhibition of prints that will showcase work from local emerging, talented, and creative artists who are inspired by Twelve Gates’ mission.


Rachid Koraïchi: Love Side by Side with the Soul
Through April 9th
Drawing on Arabic semiotics and dwelling on calligraphy as a means of interpretive transcendence, Koraïchi’s work utilizes letters and signage to evoke figurative imagery and enumerate universal messages to a global audience.


MARKING 2: Drawings by Contemporary Artists from Asia
Through April 30th
The exhibition features drawings by nine contemporary artists whose approaches to drawings are as diverse as their backgrounds. The exhibition offers conceptual investigations, studies of abstract line and form, and imagery as varied as invading soldiers and floral patterns.


Land of Serenity Fu Xiaotong
Through March 26th
Chinese artist Fu Xiaotong, who has evolved a “language of the needle,” perforates the surface of traditional Xuan paper in her works. The holes pierced meticulously into the paper form images, sometimes consisting of up to hundreds of thousands of perforations.


Art Basel 2016
March 24th – March 26th
Booth 1D04 with Fu Xiaotong, Yan Shanchun and Zhao Zhao
Widely different in background and approach, the three artists are representative of the stylistic diversity of contemporary Chinese art today.


Jungju An: loop
March 10th – April 7th
The exhibition includes one installation piece and eight multi channel video works, where the Korea based artist separates image and sound to emphasize the aesthetics and language like aspect of images.


DEMINONDE: The Floating World and Toulouse Lautrec

Through April 30th
This exhibition explores the parallel cultures of ¬fin-de-siècle Paris and the Edo’s floating world, juxtaposing Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec lithographs with the Japanese woodblock prints that inspired him.


Tayeba Begum Lipi
Through April 2nd
Opening Reception With The Artist: Thursday, March 3rd 6-8 pm
One of Bangladesh’s foremost contemporary artists, Lipi’s choice of mediums range from razor blades to copper wire, giving voice to the subjection of women, as well as the fear and isolation experienced by the transgender community in Dhaka.


FX Harsono: The Chronicles of Resilience
Through April 9th
Curated by Leeza Ahmady, director of Asia Contemporary Art Week (ACAW), the exhibition encompasses renowned Indonesian artist FX Harsono’s efforts over the past five years to document significant events, people, and circumstances surrounding massacres committed against Indonesians of Chinese descent across villages and cities in East Java from 1947 to 1949.

FX Harsono: Raining Bed
Sydney Biennale 2016

March 18th – June 5th
With a particular empathy for underprivileged minorities and the plight of the socially disadvantaged, the artist creates multifaceted artworks that actively critique the political history and cultural reality of his homeland, Indonesia.


Art Basel 2016
March 24th – March 26th
Booth 1B26 with Tiffany Chung
The gallery will present a solo booth featuring Tiffany Chung, with new work relating to her current project about Hong Kong’s former Vietnamese refugee centers.


Asia-Based Venues

Artist Commissions
Through April 30th
Alserkal Avenue Programming includes artist commissions that investigate the industrial heritage of Al Quoz and the points of intersection between Alserkal Avenue and its neighborhood. Commissioned artists include Mohammed Kazem, Mary Ellen Carroll, Jessica Mein, Vikram Divecha, Fari Bradley & Chris Weaver, Hera Büyüktaşcıyan and Oliver Herring.

Seher Shah: The Lightness of Mass
Green Art Gallery

Through May 9th
Working with both drawing and sculpture, the artist has revisited the mainstays of architectural representational methods—plan, elevation, section—to inject unsettling slippages into their rigorous formalism.

Yu Cheng-Ta: The Letters
National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts

Through May 25th
FIELD MEETING 2014 alum Yu Cheng-Ta is part of a group exhibition, An Alternative Travelogue , showcasing new media works from eleven artists in an attempt to document various happenings.

Yin-Ju Chen: Liquidation Map
Sydney Bienniale 2016

March 18th – June 5th
The installation is a series of works that reexamines and investigates political genocides and massacres in recent Asian history from an occult angle, fusing astrology and astronomy.

Art Basel 2016
Flickering Light: Early Works by Taiwanese Video Artists

March 24th – June 26th
Booth 1D32 with Chen Chieh-Jen, Yu Cheng-Ta, Yuan Goang-Ming and others
By showing early video works of eight important Taiwanese artists who mainly use new media in their body of work, the gallery aims to present a historical as well as an educational offering.

Art Basel 2016
March 24th – June 26th
Film Sector with Jawshing Arthur Liou, Tsui Kuang-Yu, Yuan Goang-Ming, Yin-Ju Chen & James T. Hong
Art Basel’s Film sector is returning for its third year, again curated by Beijing and Zurich-based multi-media artist and producer Li Zhenhua. It will be taking place at the Hong Kong Arts Centre.


Art Basel 2016
March 24th – March 26th
Booth 3C09 with Yuan Yuan, Wang Wei, Ko Sin Tung and Wong Ping
Brought together under the theme of intimacy, this collection exposes how each artist uses their own distinct visual language to respond to their environments, touching upon concepts that span politics, domesticity, memory and materiality.

Art Basel 2016
March 24th – March 26th
Encounters Section E1 with Tromarama ‘Private Riots’ (2014)
A major installation by the Indonesian collective Tromarama (est. in 2006 in Bandung by Febie Babyrose, Ruddy Hatumena and Herbert Hans). This monumental creation presents how the trio of artists observe the rapidly-evolving urban Asian cultural environment, whilst extrapolating its social, political and visual undercurrents.


EXHIBIT 320 (New Delhi)
The Fabric Project
Through March 31st
Featuring artists Sunoj D, Yasmin Jahan Nupur and Sumakshi Singh, the exhibition includes a selection of works that use fabric as a medium and looks at three specific practices that deal with materiality through the idioms of conceptual, performative and drawing.

Unfolding a Scene
April 5th – May 5th
Featuring works by Mariam Ghani, Riyas Komu, and Mustafa Zaman, the exhibition explores the body in relation to shifting contemporary contexts and the burdens of history that mediates the body-self complex in very particular ways in each artist’s practice.


Ahmet Elhan: Ground Glass
Through March 19th
Focusing on the tradition of photography, Elhan’s works propose an alternative perspective against the manipulation of hastily-produced and consumed digital photography. He uses landscape and nature to emphasize the value of stopping and planning the shots, drawing attention to composition by adding lines on the ground glass of the works.

Selçuk Artut: Cohesion at Project Space
March 26th – May 7th
The artist turns the concepts of infinity, polyphony and perceptual diversity from his previous exhibitions into an experimental project based on the idea of production. Thinking about the similarities and differences between artistic and industrial productions, the artist invites the audience to consume art.


INK STUDIO (Beijing)
Art Basel 2016
March 24th – March 26th
Booth 3D31 with Li Huasheng
The space will feature a selection of his renowned grid painting and his abstract landscapes. For the artist, the discipline of the grids and the freedom of landscapes and calligraphy are mutually illuminating, and he continues to pursue the latter, albeit in an abstract and minimalist fashion.

Ink and the Mind
March 19th – May 15th
The group exhibition explores the myriad connections between ink painting and cognition, emotion, perception, memory, identity, moral judgment, desire, and imagination.


POETRY—Tian Xiaolei Solo Exhibition
Through March 19th
Tian Xiaolei’s works raise questions of the human body and technology, including issues of posthumanism, cybernetic organisms, hybrids between machines and organisms, and other ideas that oscillate between the fictional and nonfictional.


Fearless: The Next Wave of Artists From Iran
March 14th – April 30th
Featuring 33 Iranian artists of all ages who, in spite of the market’s madness, remain dedicated to their practice because they are manically obsessed with what they do. The exhibition celebrates the artists’ fearlessness and determination to keep working and expressing their voices in spite of the lack of media or market attention they receive.


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