Consortium Partner Exhibitions in Asia

Asia-based Venues


AB/ANBAR (Tehran)
At 11:57 am Wednesday 23 October 2013
Exhibition | Through October 7th
Showcasing Reza Aramesh’s explorations on the role that images of violence play, articulated from the vantage point of a single event. The result is not the work of a documentarian, but rather an intervention on the history of representation. The artist situates the body as a site of consciousness, a centerpiece of the social world, not independent of reality. MAP


Nadi Al Quoz
Exhibition | Through October 29th
A pop-up social club that brings the community together, Nadi Al Quoz is designed as a retreat from daily routine, featuring a series of creative activities that emphasize the imagination. With contemplative and lively events including weekly yoga sessions, ikebana classes, listening sessions, a critical reading and discussion group, salon-style talks and hands-on public workshops. MAP


João Vasco Paiva : Green Island
Exhibition | Through October 22nd
“Green Island” is an immersive solo exhibition that takes land cityscapes as starting point to deconstruct various states of ambivalence: framed ideals of the urbanized versus the natural, the push and pull between construction and eventual dereliction. MAP


EXHIBIT 320 (New Delhi)
Romanticized Objects from Drunken Nights
Exhibition | Through October 3rd
Sunoj D explores the duality of consciousness in an inebriated state through objects containing monetary or emotional value. Opaque, ambiguous, and fluid, the objects romanticize debauched drunken nights. The creation of precise objects demands perfectly controlled measurements as a redemptive act. MAP


INK STUDIO (Beijing)
Writing Chaos
Exhibition | Through November 20th
Wang Dongling (b. 1945) is China’s most celebrated calligrapher. Writing Chaos unfolds the significance of his latest and most radical innovation: a new calligraphic script style that overturns the very foundations of the art. MAP


MAM Research
Exhibition | Through January 9th 2017
The “MAM Research” series intends to examine the multi-layered social, political and economic backgrounds that have given rise to Asian contemporary art and seeks to shed light on their historical contexts, while focusing on individual artists, curators, art movements and art institutions throughout Asia. MAP


Descent – Nadiah Bamadhaj
Exhibition | Opening Reception on Wed Sep 28th
Through her distinct technique of charcoal on paper collage, Nadiah Bamadhaj inquires into the sociological and semiotic constructs in which power is manifested through architecture, artifacts, gender and religion. The exhibition examines the development of events following the dwindling of power and influence in the Hamengkubuwono royal family of the Special Region of Yogyakarata. MAP


SA SA BASSAC (Phnom Penh)
Singapore Art Archive Project: Koh Nguang How and Shui Tit Sing
A retrospective positions Koh, one of the foremost chroniclers of contemporary art in Singapore, and the archive of Chinese émigrés artist Shui Tit Sing of the Ten Men Art Group as a focal point to unfold the multidirectionality of modern artistic movements in Southeast Asia. Although 50 years apart, the two discover and document as a tool for rewriting history through art, highlighting the connection between Cambodia and the position of Singapore as a seeker and instigator of regionalism. MAP


Exhibition | September 18 – October 22
Featuring new body of works on linen and wood that narrates the violence of sound and trauma connected to Hayv Kahraman’s past, and that of many others, as an Iraqi immigrant. The artist engages the viewer, utilizing elements of Japanese style calligraphy, Italian Renaissance painting and illuminated Arab manuscripts to reflect on the placelessness and experience of diaspora, engaging aesthetic notions of beauty to depict often psychologically brutal subjects. MAP


Zilberman Gallery (Berlin)
The Red Gaze
Exhibition | 11 October – 23 December 2016
Considering the ‘artist as witness’ in times of duress and war, this show brings together an unprecedented presentation of classical and contemporary works by composer Arnold Schoenberg, Pablo Picasso alongside artists from Damascus, Diyarbakir, Istanbul, Lahore, Vienna, and Berlin. The constellation of objects, musical performances, poetry, and theoretical discussions will examine how artists testify the disasters, cruelties, and ruins of history in our time. MAP