Double Fly Art Center & Curator FU Xiaodong (Shanghai)


Fu Xiaodong, curator and founder of Space Station, and young Beijing based art collective Double Fly Art Center presented an interactive performance using an arrangement of choreographed and spontaneously executed gestures.

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Double Fly Art Center is an art collective founded in 2008; their humorous, anarchic public actions, performances, and participatory events challenge the state of the art world and everyday life. Self-described as “China’s most famous young artists group,” they defy social norms with their brazen works, often suffused with sex and themes related to gender and body politics. Double Fly has received international recognition for their participation in the 2014 Armory Show in New York City. Fu Xiaodong is an independent curator and critic. She is the founder and art director of Space Station, an art center founded in 2009 to promote experimental art programs. Fu has organized several contemporary art exhibitions for art museums, art centers, and galleries in China.

Double Fly Art Center& Fu Xiaodong’s participation in FIELD MEETING is supported by Space Station (Beijing)
Top Right: Image courtesy of Chelsea Liu.
Bottom Right: Image courtesy of the artist.