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Breaking Bad & Good: Subaltern Narratives

Day 2 Evening Discussion

As curators and arts professionals, we are programmed to take as our duty the upkeep of institutional memory. We are tasked to consider how we can conserve and create access to everything that artists make, as well as to what degree an artist’s work fits into the art historical canon. Yet, more and more artists working in Asia do not concern themselves with the conservation of their work, nor their place within a canonical range, Western or otherwise. Instead, many are reimagining the world through a process-oriented approach, treating everything as material. Thus, in the closing section of FIELD MEETING Take 6, subaltern research and visions for inclusivity address the gaps and erasures in modern society through the formation of new aesthetic strategies.

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For detailed synopses and video documentation of each individual presenter click on titles below:
Pop-Up Notes I | walkthrough with artists | Warehouse 46

Rana Dehghan | Tehran | Heads
Hasanul Isyraf Idris | Kuala Lumpur | Higher Order of Love
Haiyang Wang | Beijing | The Birth of the Word, to the Demise of the Bird
Bingyi | Beijing | Ruins
Yuan Gao | Beijing | Lunar Dial and Human Smoke
Bahman Mohammadi | Tehran | Protozoan-Self Portrait
Zolaykha Sherzad | Kabul | The Peace Coat

Respondents / Moderators:
Leeza Ahmady | ACAW Director & FIELD MEETING curator
Sandra Skurvida | Independent curator and scholar
Maryam Ghoreishi | ACAW Curatorial Fellow