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Pop-ups Walkthrough with Artists & Audiences

Warehouses 46

This video documents a walkthrough tour of FIELD MEETING Pop-ups, which brought artists, galleries & arts organizations to present installations stemming from various acts of collecting. Encompassing a range of practices, these Pop-ups also foregrounded “collecting and collections” as an inherent aspect of curatorial work and exhibition making.

Warehouse 46 included a digital presentation of a collection of Japanese prints from the 17th to the 21st centuries presented by Ronin Gallery director David Libertson (New York); Zolaykha Sherzad’s (Kabul, Afghanistan) embroidered life-size and larger than life coats by Zarif Design Center; Amina Ahmed’s (New York & Tehran) drawing and newly bound books meant to be read by one’s hands in addition to her mother’s (Zulayka Mirashah) embroidery practice; Nadira Husain’s (Berlin) mesmerizing paintings and tapestries combining comic figure aesthetics (namely Smurfs & speech bubbles) with Indian miniature motifs; and a collection of paintings, drawings, video and readymade sculptures presented by Vladislav Sludskiy & Olga Veselova (Almaty, Kazakhstan) showcasing the work of the non-profit organization (Eurasian Cultural Alliance); Ali Shayesteh’s paintings, drawings and video transforms a variety of societal dictums into poetic and nuanced new expressions, while assimilating and criticizing his own attachment to personal memorabilia such as photographs and writings.
Curated by Leeza Ahmady & Maryam Ghoreishi

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Pop-up Artists | Warehouses 46

Amina Ahmed (Tehran & New York) supported by Clark House Initiative & Twelve Gates Arts (Mumbai & Philidelphia), Nadira Husain (Berlin) supported by PSM Gallery (Berlin), David Libertson (New York) supported by Ronin Gallery, Ali Shayesteh (Hamadan) partially supported by Mah Art Gallery (Tehran), Zolaykha Sherzad supported by Zarif Design Center (Kabul), Vladislav Sludskiy & Olga Veselova supported by Eurasian Cultural Alliance (Almaty).