Vladislav Sludskiy & Olga Veselova (Almaty)


Limited Liability Pavilion 4.0

Synopsis: Sludskiy and Veselova contribute works from 17 artist’s private collections formed by donations from their friends, colleagues and partners throughout the years. In Kazakhstan, which has just recently begun to create infrastructure to aid the arts, institutions are still learning how to fundraise, collect and form educational programs without the ideological interferences from the government. Thus, artists have been forced to fulfill the role of public entities in archiving their own practices, in addition to collecting works by fellow artists. Unlike works in private or national collections, these works were not commissioned or acquired but accumulated without the intrusion of a third party. This form of collecting relies on artistic inspiration, trust and intimacy devoid of the influential mechanisms prevalent within the art market.
Vladislav Sludskiy & Olga Veselova’s FIELD MEETING participation is supported by Eurasian Cultural Alliance (Almaty).
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Vladislav Sludskiy is the co-founder and organizer of ARTBAT FEST, an annual Almaty, Kazakhstan-based, international contemporary art festival serving the Central Asian region. He is also the co-founder and curator of the Eurasian Cultural Alliance, dedicated to supporting cultural infrastructure in Kazakhstan. Sludisky works as the manager and curator of Ethan Cohen Gallery in New York and was the Assistant Curator for Asia Contemporary Art Week’s recent signature exhibition Focus Kazakhstan – Thinking Collections: Telling Tales in conjunction with the National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Olga Veselova is the Director of ARTBAT FEST, an annual international contemporary art festival in Almaty, Kazakhstan and the Deputy Director of the Eurasian Cultural Alliance. Veselova is also the co-founder of the public cultural space ARTPOINT and is an ongoing consultant for the annual festival Urban Art Astana. She has been a writer for the Central Asian Journal of Art Studies since 2016 and was recently a consultant for Astana EXPO 2017 and the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art.