Nadira Husain (Berlin)


Cosmic Trips

Pop-up Installation

Synopsis: As a French artist with Indian roots who lives and works in Berlin, Husain uses pictorial symbols and compositions of various traditions to reflect on how cultural phenomena and economic globalization shape our reactions to images. Her multi-medium installation of tapestries, drawings, paintings, wearables,ect. cite patterns deriving from various origins, such as representations of ancient Indian gods and heroic epics, well-known cartoon characters, or objects of utility. Figures and picture codes populate the composition, sometimes in harmonious but also antagonistic relationships. Husain’s work addresses gender and other power relations, updating traditional representations to create compelling contemporary imagery.
Nadira Husain’s FIELD MEETING participation is supported by PSM Gallery (Berlin).
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Nadira Husain is a French-Indian teacher and artist practicing in Berlin. Her practice intends to reflect how economic and cultural globalization conditions our response to images and she often experiments with various pictorial media to develop a layering system in her artworks. Husain has exhibited at Villa du Parc centre d’art contemporain, France (2018), PSM, Berlin, DE (2017); Armory Show, New York, US (2018); Artissima, IT; Tempo Rubato, Tel Aviv, IL (2016); Tobias Naehring, Leipzig, DE (2015); Kunstlerhaus Bremen, DE (2014); and in Positions, at ArtBasel, Miami, US (2013). She has been in group exhibitions in Europe and elsewhere, including n.b.k, Berlin, DE (2018); the Skulpturen-Triennale, Bingen, DE (2017); Unorthodoxat The Jewish Museum, New York, US (2015); Painting Forever, KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin, DE (2013).