Hasanul Isyraf Idris (Penang)


Higher Order of Love

Pop-up Installation

Synopsis: A compilation of intricate and vibrant drawings steeped in the illustration of distinct, otherworldly visual vocabulary that correlates with the artist’s personal and regional aesthetics. Idris reflects on his native Pangkor Island in Malaysia through stories he heard as a child. The work unravels the geography, native species, ethnic diversity and politics of the Island’s culture. Numerous plots and narratives intertwine, deepening and amplifying themes of ancestry, heritage, racial riots, migration and alienation. The installation contemplates the phenomenon of global migration, paralleling Idris’ family lineage with the evolution of native animals and plants as a collection of temporal complexities that predicate Malaysia’s multiculturalism today.
Hasanul Isyraf Idris’s FIELD MEETING participation is supported by Richard Koh Fine Art (Kuala Lumpur).
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Hasanul Isyraf Idris is a Malaysian artist producing works in a variety of media, from paintings and meticulously crafted drawings to painted oven-baked clay sculptures. Gathering inspiration from local folklore and regional myths, Idris articulates his personal struggles as an artist by personifying them as strange characters that inhabit his invented universes. His works are noted for their references to underground comic books, 1960s science fiction, fast food, street art, fashion and other pop culture fads. Recurring topics in his practice are: the meaning of life and death, memories and fantasies, sin and reward. Idris has received a number of awards, including the Young Contemporary Arts Award in 2007 at the National Visual Arts Gallery, Kuala Lumpur; the Incentive Award at the Open Show held at the Shah Alam Gallery; and the Consolation Prize for the Young Talent Art Exhibition at the Penang Art Gallery, Penang.