David Libertson (New York)


Pop-up Installation

Synopsis: A special online selection showcasing 17th-21st century Japanese prints presented by the New-York based Ronin Gallery and exclusively organized for FIELD MEETING. The gallery highlights its role in promoting this collection through their own digital platform, exemplifying a spirit of independence by allowing collectors direct access to their widely-coveted inventory. Currently under its second-generation of management, Ronin Gallery has successfully merged traditional gallery charm with an innovative digital experience to make their collection accessible worldwide.
Watch video of David’s Pop-up here
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David Libertson is the President and second-generation owner of the Ronin Gallery in New York City. Since assuming responsibility for the gallery in 2012, David has stressed three priorities: curatorial excellence, accessibility, and education. By combining traditional gallery charm with innovative digital marketing, David aims to create a personal art experience for each and every collector, whether online or in the gallery. Liberston is a member of the Japanese Art Society of America, the John D Rockefeller III Circle at the Japan Society, the Council for Asian Art and Thought, and the Asia Circle Young Leaders Program at the Asia Society. Additionally, he is one of the youngest western members to be admitted to the Ukiyo-e Dealers Association of Japan. Liberston often hosts regular seminars on Japanese art at both NYU and Columbia University.