Wong Kit Yi & Ali Wong (New York & Hong Kong)

Karaoke Lecture Non-Performance: Magic Wands, Batons and DNA Splicers


Synopsis: Combining two of her recent projects “North Pole Futures” and “Magic Wands, Batons and DNA Splicers”, Wong Kit Yi-Ali Wong’s captivating lecture performance switched between a PowerPoint style presentation and a Karaoke music video. “North Pole Futures”, originally conceived in 2015, allowed patrons to commission a customized artwork to be made by the artist in the Arctic, while the latter project asked what if, instead of owning an artwork, a patron could rent it on a 99-year lease preserved in a paper contract and on strings of DNA. Each project plays with the relationships between artists, patrons, and collectors questioning what each would be like in the opposing role, as well as how altruistic the process of collecting art is.

Wong Kit Yi & Ali Wong’s FIELD MEETING participation is supported by Health Elite Club (Hong Kong).


Wong Kit Yi is a Hong Kong-born artist working in New York and Hong Kong. Her artistic interest has long centered on odd scientific findings and the dysfunctional marriage between science and pseudoscience science. Her latest research concerns genetics, DNA technology, mythology, Japanese manga, models of ownership/leasing, and the biology of aging and immortality. She is the current 2017/2018 Shift Resident at the Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts. Wong’s solo shows have included Magic Wands, Batons and DNA Splicers at Art Basel in Hong Kong (2018) and Futures, Again, P! in New York (2017). Additionally, her works have been included in group projects at the Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art, Riga; Para Site, Hong Kong; and the Queens Museum, New York. Wong received her MFA from Yale University in 2012. She speaks native Cantonese, fluent English, and hysterical Mandarin.

Ali Wong is Hong Kong-born independent curator based in New York. She previously worked at the nonprofits Asia Art Archive in America, 1a space in Hong Kong, and as an assistant to artists Tony Labat and Takashi Murakami. Wong holds a BA in fine arts from the Chinese University of Hong Kong.