Amina Ahmed (New York & Tehran)


Un- Furling

Pop-up Installation

Synopsis: Before Ahmed was born, her mother, Zulayka Mirashah, formed a sewing collective—a place for women to gather, share their stories, and interact. These meetings took the form of essential practice, in rhythmically nurturing companionship, shared experience, and method. This space allowed for the unfolding and folding of vulnerability through physical and spiritual adjacency. For the pop-up, Ahmed honors the rhythm of repetition and the collective practice, placing her echoed inscribed line work and her mother’s meticulous thread-as-line embroideries alongside each other, reflecting on and embracing communal authorship.

Curated by Priyanshi Saxena. Amina Ahmed’s FIELD MEETING participation is supported by Twelve Gates Arts (Philadelphia) & Clark House Initiative (Mumbai). Special thanks to Siddhant Shah (Mumbai) for his collaboration.
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Amina Ahmed, born in East Africa and of Kutchi-Indian Turkiq heritage, grew up in England and has lived in Iran and the USA. She specialized in Islamic and Traditional Arts at The Royal College of Art (1991). The practice of geometry is the grounding of her drawings, focusing on the methods and materials of traditional and folk arts. Praxis is the primordial artery through which she strives to practically return—physically, symbolically, and spiritually. Her recent exhibitions include ‘Still Rising’ at Nottingham Contemporary and ‘Work Practices’ at the Show Room, London. She has had solo presentations at the Twelve Gates Gallery, Philadelphia, and Clark House Initiative, Mumbai. Selected exhibitions include Jersey City Museum, Queens Museum, The Lincoln Center, Alwan for the Arts, New York City, Lakeeran Gallery, The Bhau Daji Lad Museum, Mumbai, and The Fiber Philadelphia’s International Biennial (2012).