Haiyang Wang (Beijing)


The Birth of the Word, to the Demise of the Bird

Pop-up Installation

Synopsis: Pastel works on loan from a private collection, and an animation video by the artist, from his 2014 series manipulates language as a device to create semiotic connections between actions, progressing the plot in a visual wordplay of double entendres. Invoking surreal scenarios, Hiayang’s animation work is a revolving mechanism with no specific beginning or outcome. Rather, it contains an obsession-like circulation of reactions, resulting in the regeneration, substitution, disruption and construction of imagery. Animation enables Haiyang the freedom to resonate with the magnetic attraction of his visual elements, yielding to the naturally orchestrated collection of events in his storyline.
Haiyang Wang’s FIELD MEETING participation is supported by Capsule Shanghai (Shanghai).
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Haiyang Wang is a Chinese artist living in Beijing. Haiyang combines the forms of painting and animation to expand the rhetorical scope of these two media. More recently, Wang’s work has begun venturing into sculpture and installations. Wang’s works have been selected and received critical acclaim by more than 50 International festivals. In 2010, Haiyang Wang’s first animation movie Freud, Fish and Butterfly won a Grand Prize at the Holland Animation Film Fest (HAFF). His recent solo shows include Wang Haiyang at Capsule Shanghai (Shanghai, China) and Wang Haiyang at White Space Beijing (Beijing, China), both in 2018; By Himself at OCAT in Xi’an, China (2017); New Directions: Wang Haiyang at Ullens Center for Contemporary Art (UCCA) in Beijing, China (2016); Dynamic Field: Wang Haiyang at Minsheng Art Museum in Shanghai, China (2016).