Iftikhar Dadi (Ithaca)

In his closing remarks, Iftikhar Dadi discussed the term “performance” as it relates to the definitional terms “contemporary” and “Asia”. Citing the various performances and lecture-performances that took place during both days of FIELD MEETING: Thinking Performance, he acknowledged that “performance” is a “catachresis, an imperfect placeholder for expressiveness and iterations of the self and society, not captured by other terms or other mediums”.

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Iftikhar Dadi is Associate Professor at Cornell University in the Department of History of Art. He also served as Chair of the Department of Art (2010-14). Publications include the book Modernism and the Art of Muslim South Asia (University of North Carolina Press 2010), and essays that have appeared in numerous journals and edited volumes. Curated exhibitions include Lines of Control (with Hammad Nasar) on partitions and borders, at the Herbert F Johnson Museum of Art at Cornell, 2012 and Nasher Museum at Duke University, 2013.
As an artist he collaborates with Elizabeth Dadi, they have shown widely internationally. Exhibitions include the 24th São Paulo Biennial, Brazil; the Third Asia-Pacific Triennial, Australia; Walker Art Center, Minnesota; Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris; and Queens Museum of Art, New York. Work has been included in numerous publications and exhibition catalogs and reviewed in Art Monthly, The Guardian (UK) and The New York Times.