Mithu Sen (New Delhi)


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“Not bound by rules of grammar, diction, vocabulary and syntax, these poems suggest another medium of understanding. No one but you speaks this language. It is yours to read, to decipher, to interpret and to understand. Unfettered by the hegemonic structures of language, these ‘nonsensical’ figures, this computer gibberish, are beyond the process of meaning making. I invite you to embrace ‘nonsense’ as resistance and comb out utterances from your subconscious; thereby, giving voice to all those moments that exist but are not realized or lived. These are poems for you (and me)– by you (and me)”

(Excerpt from I am a Poet Project Space: Word. Sound. Power, Tate Modern)

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Mithu Sen’s FIELD MEETING participation was partially supported by +91 Foundation (New York).

Mithu Sen, APHASIA, 2016. Performance documentation FIELD MEETING: Thinking Practice, November 11th at Solomon R. Guggenheim & November 12th at Asia Society. Photo: Renata Carciofolo.


New Delhi-based artist Mithu Sen pushes the limits of language to question the pre-codified hierarchical etiquettes of tabooed psycho-sexuality, radical hospitality and lingual anarchy. Weaving a multidisciplinary practice of drawing, poetry, sculpture amongst other medium, she has exhibited internationally and most recently in PEM (Peabody Essex Museum) USA, (2016); Art Unlimited, Basel (2016) and Albertina Museum, Vienna (2015).

Mithu Sen, MOU(Museum of Unbelongings), 2012-2016. Morphed and found objects, memory and stories, acrylic vitrine box with light, 240in diameter. Installation image art ART UNLIMITED, Art Basel (2016).