Yasmin Jahan Nupur (Dhaka)

A Snapshot of Yasmin Jahan Nupur’s Upcoming Performance at Field Meeting: Coming Soon

Yasmin Jahan Nupur’s participation in FIELD MEETING is supported by Exhibit 320 (New Delhi).

Yanhay(Dance) Performance 7days( each 1.30 hours) 2016


Yasmin Jahan Nupur is a freelance multi-media visual artist (Installation, performance, video). Her works concerns on research-based project. She is inspired by the urgent ecological crisis and its impact on communities and the public. The size, intended time, materials, memory and functions of my works are diverse. What unites all my projects is that they are concerned with human rights and dignity. Her performance practice addresses contemporary social, cultural, gender and ecological issues; therefore, she work closely with people from the community who are deprived from social benefits. She believes in equal rights for all people, political belief, and in the individual’s inalienable right to participate by means of free and democratic processes in framing the society in which he or she lives.