Amina Ahmed (Tehran, London and New York)


“I am not the center of my work, nor is my work my center; it is in my remembrance and through prayer and invocation, that I am centered, where it is that I seek the center.”

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Amina Ahmed’s FIELD MEETING participation was supported by Twelve Gates Arts.

Amina Ahmed, Dhikr, 2016. Lecture Performance documentation FIELD MEETING: Thinking Practice, November 12th at Asia Society. Photo: Renata Carciofolo.


A visual artist, educator, and activist, Amina Ahmed’s artistic practice derives from a spiritual practice that is indistinguishable from her life—one guiding and nurturing the other. It is through the act of prayer that her artistic practice is re-collected and enriched; as a trans-formative experience, her art practice is not intended to be utilized as an exercise in escapism. Amina’s work has been exhibited in the U.S., South Asia, and Europe. Ahmed is a former studio member of the EFA NYC. She received her MFA from the Royal College of Art, where she specialized in Visual Islamic and Traditional Arts and was award the Barakat Trust Prize for excellence.

Amina Ahmed, ‘Invocation’ “The Golden Rule” (Seed 1), 2016. Courtesy of artist.