Junod Etienne (New York)

Being the Project

In this participatory talk, Etienne proposed a set of questions to look at the deep value of self-observation in human activity and how it affects our energy, perception, and growth. “What happens when we turn the tables and fix our focus on the person doing the work? Who will we find there, and what is it they are engaging in? What meaning does this understanding then bring back to the endeavor? To see ourselves as the project means discovering the importance of our being, opening the door to greater possibilities.

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Junod Etienne, Being the Project, 2017. Performance documentation FIELD MEETING Take 5: Thinking Project, November 14th at Asia Society.


Junod Etienne is Directof of Outreach at the Institute for Hermetic Philosophy in New York. He has been presenting self-development workshops for the institute for over 15 years. In his alternate life as musician, composer, and producer, he has written and produced songs and scores for major labels, television, major motion pictures, and documentaries and has received two gold and one platinum award from the RIAA for his work.