Discussion Session 1 (Day1)

The Culture of Status and The Status of Culture

(From left to right) Ian Altveer, Brain Kuan Wood, Hera Chan, Meitha Al Mazrooei, Suhanya Raffel, David Xu Borgonjon, and Leeza Ahmady.

The connection between cities, their inhabitants, culture, urban development, class, gender and education are examined in the first section of FIELD MEETING on day-one, under the title “The Culture of Status and The Status of Culture,” with emerging curator Hera Chan’s (Hong Kong) dramatic reading of a political theatre script referencing traditions of pageantry and street theatre in Hong Kong and factory plays in Mainland China. Suhanya Raffel, executive director of M+ museum (planned to open in 2019) in Hong Kong, asks how a city that has spawned a spectacular architectural skyline, renowned film, fashion and design industries, and the third largest global art market, could bring a unique and necessary voice to the international museum world, while editor of WTD Magazine Meitha Al Mazrooei (Dubai) traces the cultural and physical evolution of the United Arab Emirates to examine how specific languages of design, art and development manifest in the periphery.

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FIELD MEETING Take 5: Thinking Project, November 14th at Asia Society.