Georgia Kotresos

October 26th, 2014 New York City

Georgia Kotretsos’s performance-talk announced a daring project by an anonymous colleague entitled Socially Engaged? Better, Socially Married! Offering to marry intelligent, creative individuals who wish to live, work and do research in Greece for a long period of time. Kotretsos playfully recited an open call for applications; three to five-year visas to be granted and after a two-month period, the individual would be divorced. This is a proposal to EU citizens as an editorial gesture: marriage should be more than a freely undertaken transaction, or simply grounded in the physical; it should encompass the civil and the intellectual attributes of ourselves. The project uses identity as a medium and EU rights as capital.

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Bio – Georgia Kotretsos (Athens)
Georgia Kotretsos (b. 1978, Thessaloniki, Greece) is a visual artist based in Athens, Greece. In her early teens, she moved to South Africa during the abolition of Apartheit where she also later attained a BFA Degree from the Durban Institute of Technology, in KwaZulu Natal, (2000). In 2002 Kotretsos moved to Chicago where she completed her MFA Degree at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago on a Full Merit Scholarship (2004). In 2006 she repatriated but continued to live between Greece, the States and South Africa until 2010. In her work she primarily focuses and critiques the conformity of seeing by studying liberating and anarchic approaches of looking in an effort to support that seeing is site-specific and audience members accountable for their art knowledge. Her practice is research based and whether it is manifested as an artwork, a text, a performance, or an interview, it always encourages speculative approaches to how knowledge is produced by resisting its traditional and historical acquisition.

She has exhibited her work extensively in group exhibitions in Greece, as well as abroad and has had five solo shows. Residencies: L’appartement22 (2014) in Rabat, Morocco; La Kunsthalle Mulhouse (2013); Arteles Residency Program (2011); Summer Studio Program Residency in Chicago at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (2010); she has been accepted to attend the ISCP Residency in New York. In addition in 2013 she co-founded the Athens based collective WOMEN WITH TALENTS. Previously, Kotretsos had co-founded Boots Contemporary Art Space, St. Louis MO, USA and further founded and edited the Boot Print journal (2006-10). Between 2009-13 Kotretsos served as a columnist for the PBS Arts feature Art:21 with her monthly column “Inside the Artist’s Studio”. Since March 2003, her column is being published by LABKULTUR.TV in Germany.


Georgia Kotretsos’ participation in FIELD MEETING was supported by Angeles Mira | Architecture and Konstantinos (Kostas) Pappas, Production Designer/Art Director

Image Courtesy of Georgia Kotretsos