Project 35 Volume 2 Screenings ICI, Independent Curators International

During the program breaks there were select screenings from Project 35 Volume 2, a major traveling exhibition organized by Independent Curators International (ICI) that invited 35 curators to each select one video work by an artist they consider important today. Tellingly, 13 of the artists in the exhibition are based in Asia, as are 10 of the curators.

In playing sequence:

Aslı ÇAVUSOGLU, In Diverse Estimations Little Moscow, 2011, 12 min, 45 sec.

Ahmet ÖGÜT, Short Circuit, 2006, 3 min., 32 sec.

Alexander UGAY, Bastion, 2007, 5 min.

Shezad DAWOOD, The New Dream Machine Project, 2011, 15 min.

Michael BLUM and Damir NIKŠIĆ, Oriental Dream, 2010, 7 min, 30 sec.

Sona SAFAEI, Alphabet, 2010, 1 min, 30 sec.

Prilla TANIA, excerpt of Space Within Time series, 2008-2011

Above: Installation view of Project 35 Volume 2. Prilla Tania (Indonesia), excerpt from Space Within Time series (still), 2008-2011 Single-channel video with color and sound 18 min., 46 sec. Courtesy of the Independent Curators International