Jeff Cylkowski (New York)

In Search of the Miraculous

Painter Jeff Cylkowski reflected on his artistic beginnings in graffiti art and breakdancing, and how these genres continue to inform his painting practice today, in terms of both the technical process and philosophical investigations.

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Jeff Cylkowski is interested in the psychology of perception, consciousness, and pop culture; he creates work that examines the possibilities and tradition of abstract painting.  Cylkowski’s work explores perception and sensation within contemporary culture as we shift into a digital age. Of Korean descent, born in Chicago, and adopted at birth to a Caucasian family from Minnesota, Jeff Cylkowski’s fascination with perception and culture began at a very early age, as he attempted to make sense of the divergent appearance of his family.  He completed his undergraduate studies in painting at the Pratt Institute in 2006. Since 2009, Cylkowski has been working with esteemed artist Jeff Koons, overseeing the painting and graphics production of the Popeye and Hulk Elvis series sculptures.

Top Right: Image courtesy of Carol Haggerty.
Bottom Left: Image courtesy of the artist.