FIELD MEETING: Thinking Performance

Nadim Abbas (Hong Kong)

Where Process Ends: Objects and their Performances

LEAP deputy editor Robin Peckham (Hong Kong) spearheaded a discussion with artists Nadim Abbas (Hong Kong) and Korakrit Arunanondchai (New York+Bangkok) to investigate the invisible elements that allow object-art, such as sculpture and installation, to radiate performance, and how artists encoded “live-ness” and performativity into their object-based work. The discussion also touched upon how the relationship between memory and documentation is changing in art media today.

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Nadim Abbas is a visual artist from Hong Kong.  His work explores technologies of perception, culminating in the construction of complex set pieces where objects exist in an ambiguous relationship with their own image, and bodies succumb to the seduction of space. Abbas was awarded with the Asian Cultural Council Altius Fellowship and the HK Arts Development Award (Young Artist / Visual Arts) in 2014.  Recent exhibitions include the 2015 Triennial: Surround Audience, New Museum, NYC; Unseen Existence, HK Arts Centre, Hong Kong; and Tetraphilia, Third Floor Hermés, Singapore.

Right Top: Robin Peckham(Left), Nadim Abbas(Middle), Korakrit Arunanondchai(Right). Image courtesy of Chelsea Liu.
Right Bottom: Nadim ABBAS Chamber 666 “Coppola”Mixed media Dimensions variable 2014-2015 New Museum Triennial SURROUND AUDIENCE 25 Feb – 24 May, 2015. Courtesy of the Artist.