Opening May 29- Plastic Memory 10022

Gallery Korea
(Korean Cultural Service NY)

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May 29 – July 19
Buhm Hong, Yusam Sung, Sun You, Hyungsub Shin, and Hong Seon Jang
Opening Reception: Wednesday, May 29, 6 – 8 pm

In collaboration with the Jamaica Center for Arts & Learning and initiated by participating artist Hong Seon Jang, Gallery Korea presents works by five artists. Since February, these artists have been using the gallery as a communal studio space in an attempt to bridge art with life, and to explore beyond the narrow, formulaic structure of the exhibition to create an environment that functions as a lab for production and experimentation.

The finished works will be exhibited at Gallery Korea at the end of May, with documentation of the artists’ processes during the residency. The exhibition explores the theme of plastic, a material used by all five artists, because of its characteristic malleability. It is symbolic of the artists’ experiences during the residency. Removed from their usual private settings, they entered an environment where new connections shaped them and outside forces molded their ideas.

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Gallery Hours: Monday – Friday, 10 am – 5 pm.

Above: Clockwise starting from the image on the top left corner: Hyungsub Shin, untitled work in progress, 2013, paper and mixed media, Courtesy of Gallery Korea; Buhm Hong, untitled ink drawings, 2013, ink on paper, Courtesy of Gallery Korea; Sun You, untitled installation work, in-progress, 2013, mixed media, Courtesy of Gallery Korea; Hong Seon Jang, Geographic Wave, 2012, collage, Courtesy the artist; Yusam Sung, Waves, 2013, Sponge, Courtesy of Gallery Korea.