October 26 2014, New York City

An excerpt from Leeza Ahmady’s introduction to FIELD MEETING and curatorial vision:

“Visiting an artist’s studio is entering an energetic space, no matter what the physical setting, it is an intimate place that acts simultaneously as a creative incubator and exhibition space in its own right. For professionals such as curators working in the field, the studio visit represents a critical foundation for future collaborations with artists serving also as catalyst for an artwork crossing into public arena. The studio visit therefore is a quintessential means to encountering an artwork in its truest form— that is with the artist’s own presence and voice to contextualize the work and give insight into his or her process and intent. The FIELD MEETING is therefore an active space for both the presenters and audiences to actively receive, reflect and engage with the talks, performances, and discussions that will be given over the course of the next two days.”

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