Program 2: The Lost Cinema

Friday, November 8, 2013, 6:30 pm
Asia Society Museum

Screening Program 2: The Lost Cinema
As part of Iranian New Wave 1960s-1970s (Film Series)

The Cow
Jamsheed Akrami. 2007. USA. 100 min. Color & B/W.
This illuminating documentary examines the background and significance of the Iranian New Wave. An artistic and political awakening gave birth to films that rejected uninspiring mainstream offerings and dominating foreign imports led by Hollywood. Made by Jamsheed Akrami, filmmaker/critic/scholar, the documentary sheds light on the political messages these films carry, and the reasons why many were banned pre- and post-revolution and continue to be inaccessible in Iran even today. Included are in-depth analyses of films such as The Cow (1969), Dead End (1977), and Tall Shadows of the Wind (1979), accompanied by insightful filmmaker and expert interviews.

Followed by director Q&A, moderated by Negar Mottahedeh, Associate Professor of Literature and Women’s Studies, Duke University.

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Above: Counter-clockwise from top image: “The Cow,” “Tall Shadows of the Wind” and “Dead End,” all films in Asia Society’s Iranian New Wave series. Courtesy of the artist and Asia Society Museum.