Program 7: The Traveler

Friday, November 22, 2013, 6:30 pm
Asia Society Museum

Screening Program 7: The Traveler
As part of Iranian New Wave 1960s-1970s (Film Series)

74 min. B/W.
A young boy in a provincial town is a diehard soccer fan. He steals, scams, lies, and skips school in order to gather enough money for an overnight bus trip to Tehran to watch his favorite team play. At times comical, the film is infused with poignancy as the camera lingers on this tough and yet vulnerable boy with deep affection. This self-assured work is an early testament to the brilliance of director Abbas Kiarostami, who is acclaimed for his affecting portrayal of children and philosophical study of human behavior. His celebrated works include Close Up (1990), Life, and Nothing Moreā€¦ (1992), and Certified Copy (2010).

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Above: Abbas Kiarostami, “The Traveler” (1972). Iran. 128 min. B/W. Courtesy of Asia Society Museum.