Robin Peckham (Hong Kong)

Where Process Ends: Objects and their Performances

LEAP deputy editor Robin Peckham (Hong Kong) spearheaded a discussion with artists Nadim Abbas (Hong Kong) and Korakrit Arunanondchai (New York+Bangkok) to investigate the invisible elements that allow object-art, such as sculpture and installation, to radiate performance, and how artists encoded “live-ness” and performativity into their object-based work. The discussion also touched upon how the relationship between memory and documentation is changing in art media today.

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Robin Peckham is a curator and editor living in Beijing. Currently editor-in-chief of LEAP, the international art magazine of contemporary China, he previously founded and operated the independent space Saamlung. He has organized exhibitions including Our Real, Your Surreal at K11; Peril and Weirdness at M Woods Museum; Art Post-Internet at the Ullens Center for Contemporary Art; The Burning Edge at City University of Hong Kong; and The Border Show. He has lectured at the University of Hong Kong, Christie’s Art Forum, Asia Art Archive, and 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art. His writing is published regularly in Artforum, Yishu, and Broadsheet, as well as in books for the Minsheng Art Museum, Para Site Art Space, and Timezone8.

Top Right: Robin Peckham(Left), Nadim Abbas(Middle), Korakrit Arunanondchai(Right). Image courtesy of Chelsea Liu.
Bottom Left: LEAP cover of 2015 July/August Issue. Image courtesy of LEAP.