Saturday October 21

Chambers Fine Art

3pm | Opening Reception

ACAW THINKING PROJECTS: Guo Hongwei, Judy Blum-Reddy

As part of Asia Contemporary Art Week (ACAW) 2017 signature program: THINKING PROJECTS— pop-up exhibition series focusing on research-based artistic endeavors curated by ACAW director Leeza Ahmady.
The Pre-existent Painting by Guo Hongwei converts the main gallery into a natural history lab, comprised of 80-100 new-water colors and painted objects rendered through relentless observation and conceptual deduction of natural minerals. These experimentations are juxtaposed with a series of drawings about India made in 1990’s by Blum-Reddy, exploring acts of tracing, archiving and ultimately processes of collecting that are evident in both artists’ practices.

While Guo meticulously traces the growth pattern of natural minerals and ultimately recreates them through painting and artificial materials, Reddy who works mainly with texts and symbols painstakingly reproduces names of various natural and manmade entities in India, from railroad stations, phonebooks, to listings of official governmental offices to rivers and mountains. Blum-Reddy’s approach to documenting places and events where she lives, at once creates a direct dialogue with Guo’s pictorial archiving of organic objects he comes across. Co-organized with ACAW Consortium Partner Twelve Gates Arts in Philadelphia.

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522 W 19th St (10th & 11th Ave.)

Above: Guo Hongwei, The Illustration Book of Natural Forms (ongoing), Watercolor on paper
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