Jamie ZIGELBAUM (New York)

Sequence in Parallel, 2015. LCD Displays, Raspberry Pis, Software, Cables, Hardware, 32 × 68 × 20 in. (upper)

We watch films over time, from start to finish, but that is not how we remember them. Details fade, leaving us with an impression of the film-object itself. Sequence in Parallel is one complete film split-up into 20 segments that play simultaneously on a loop, allowing viewers to glimpse the entire film object as a whole, essentially exploring memory as collage.

Pixel, 2013. Interactive Light Sculpture (Glass, Corian, LEDs, Electronics, Software), 100 × 100 × 8 cm. (lower)

Pixel is an interactive light installation activated by human touch. Ubiquitous and invisible, pixels have increasingly become part of our everyday lives. Tiny, formless objects acting as ambassadors to the digital world, representing carefully-choreographed fluctuations: pulses

of current that result in changes of color which in aggregate form graphics and with time produce the illusion of motion.

About the artist:

Jamie Zigelbaum is an artist, designer, engineer, and the director of Midnight Commercial, a creative studio working across disciplines. His work is informed by a background in film, neuroscience, and human-computer interaction. Referring to himself as a science fiction cyberwarlock, Jamie’s work deals with evolving notions of self and representation in our digital world. His works implore us to question what communication really is at its core. Jamie holds a Masters in Media Arts and Science from the MIT Media Lab. In 2010, he received the Designer of the Future award from Design Miami/ Basel. His work has recently been featured at Moving Image Art Fair, PULSE New York, and Art Silicon Valley, San Francisco.