THINKING CURRENTS Participating Artist: Patrick TODD

Patrick TODD (New York)

Micro-intergalactic communication, a compilation of sound works, 1 hour 15 min.

1. Gaining Power                                                        7’47”.

2. Dreamtime                                                             3’43”.

3. Laser Drop                                                              3’52”.

4. Cyberspace                                                             20’33”.

5. Earthquake and Tsunami                                        4’38”.

6. Cave                                                                         5’00”.

7. Self Reflex                                                                 2’34”.

8. Several Furry Little Creatures Debating in a Cave     26’58”.

Todd is interested in computer-generated noise that approximates human emotional experience. His sound is not played, but triggered through algorithms, manipulated and tweaked in real time. Virtual synth music is an opportunity to expand the landscape of sound with novel recombinations of waveforms.

About the artist:

Patrick Todd is a sound artist working with electronic noise to create compositions that border familiar worlds of ambient, atmospheric music and specific events. He explores textural qualities specific to granular synthesizers, by bringing these sounds forward and putting them into order. Todd is aware of the power sound has to alter our perceptions of the world around us. He has worked in New York for 10 years, showcasing his sound work at organized events, most notably FLOW, in collaboration with Jeremy Slater, that explored the noisier elements of sound.