THINKING CURRENTS Participating Artist: QIU Shiming

QIU Shiming (Beijing)

Fragments of Autumn, 2007-2008, 3-channel video, black and white, sound, 10:26 min.

Made in response to the famous handscroll of Yuan-dynasty master artist Huang Gongwang, Qiu filmed a particular landscape along the Fuchun River over the course of an entire year, a site known for its dramatic scenery among poets, writers and painters throughout China’s history. The subtle and masterful editing of the looped footage renders a contemporary visual poem, full of movement and transition. 

About the artist:

Inspired by the mastery of Chinese aesthetic traditions, Qiu Shiming’s video and photographic works are created in response to the country’s centuries-old poems and scrolls about the landscape. Through his methodical, introspective style, his works act as modern day scrolls, reflecting on the beauty, brutality and ephemerality of existence. Shiming’s videos have been exhibited at group exhibitions and fairs including Art Basel Hong Kong, Abu Dhabi Art, and The Third Guangzhou Triennial at the Guangdong Museum.