THINKING CURRENTS Participating Artist: Tintin WULIA

Tintin WULIA (Melbourne)

Fallen, 2011, single channel video, color, sound, 18:43 min.

Examines the skepticism and unsteady faith that nation-states have in their citizens, and their constant dependence on documentation in order to trust people. Documentation is crucial to history, however. It asserts the realness of events in the past. Fallen is a part of the artist’s body of works on border and chance. Neither documentation nor documentary, the work is based on a somewhat-real event, dramatized with repeated sequences and sentimental music. “The impossibility of tracing a sequence of events is the impossibility of tracing what is real.”

About the artist:

Tintin Wulia received training as a composer and architect before earning her PhD in Art. Her work investigates the flux of geopolitical border, made and unmade by people. Her interactive and participatory performance methodology usually takes form in games, engaging people in sociopolitical relationship models to foster critical dialogues. Tintin’s works are thus often process-based, taking place across mediums. She has exhibited in major international exhibitions and biennales worldwide such as Moscow Biennale, Asia Pacific Triennale, Sharjah Biennale and Jogja Biennale. Her work is part of public and private collections worldwide.