THINKING CURRENTS Participating Artist:Tiffany CHUNG

Tiffany CHUNG (Ho Chi Minh City)

The great simplicity thousands of years before and after, 2012, split-screen video, color, sound, 9 min.

Two post-apocalyptic scenes imagine an allegorical fantasy, where languages (Japanese and English) are mutated and Western Enlightenment’s faith in progress, science and rational thought has come to an end. Inspired by theories on nomadism and science fiction, Chung’s vision is hopeful. Like Noah’s Ark, destruction leads to creation and the possibility of a better future.

About the artist:

Tiffany Chung is one of Vietnam’s most active artists, noted for her cartographic drawings, sculptures, and videos that explore spatial and sociopolitical transformations interwoven with lingering historical trauma. Her research on the decline of cities due to human destruction, deindustrialization, and demographic changes investigates the complexity of urban progress and population-aging. Blurring the distinction between art, anthropology and sociology, her recent works imagine the end of the human race and examine the aftermath of modernization. Her work is held in the public art collections of San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Fukuoka Asian Art Museum, in Japan, Queensland Art Gallery, Brisbane, and the Sharjah Art Foundation. She is currently featured at the 2015 Venice Biennale, in the exhibition All the World’s Futures.