Thursday October 5

Sylvia Wald & Po Kim Art Gallery

6-8pm | Opening Reception

Intrinsic Void

An exhibition inspired by the Eastern philosophy that ultimate reality resides in a transcendental realm where it simultaneously exists and does not exist. This exhibition focuses on contemporary works by 6 artists from Korea and the U.S., Sylvia Wald, Seung-Won Suh, Raphaele Shirley, Yong R. Kwon, Hoo Chang Lee, and Gwang Hee Jeong, in which the artists employ paper, glass, light, interactive installations and augmented reality to explore the relationship between temporal experience and true existence.
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417 Lafayette Street (E4th St & Astor Pl.)

Above: Raphaele Shirley, 86.48 Color Bars/ 2way mirror LEDs, house paint and mirrored plexiglass. 2017
86” wide x 48” high x 12” deep (2.18m wide x 1.21m high x 0.3m deep)