Tintin Wulia

October 27th, 2014 New York City

Where do you come from – no, really, where do you originally come from? In this lecture-performance Tintin Wulia attempted to answer the age-old question she has been drilled with, growing up as an unassuming minority kid (with a family secret) in Indonesia and later tramping the globe with a self-deprecating Indonesian passport. Phrasing, rephrasing and paraphrasing the question, Tintin went through pieces of her grouts and groins, witty and otherwise, persuading us how normal she was, occasionally showing how unusual she was—like every mosquito in this universe.

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Bio – Tintin WULIA (Melbourne)

Tintin Wulia (b. 1972 Bali, Indonesia) received training as a composer (BMus – Film Scoring, Berklee College of Music, Boston, MA, 1997) and architect (BEng – Architecture, Universitas Katolik Parahyangan, Bandung, Indonesia, 1998) before earning her PhD in Art (practice-based research, RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia, 2014). Tintin’s work investigates the flux of geopolitical border, made and unmade by people. Her interactive and participatory performance methodology usually takes form in games, engaging people in sociopolitical relationship models to foster critical dialogues. Tintin’s works are thus often process-based, taking place across mediums, fusing installation, mural, video, sound and performance amongst others, hacking and repurposing ready-mades, e.g. IKEA products, neodymium magnets, surveillance cameras and arcade game machines, factoring the materials’ original systems into her work. Because the contemporary border is inseparable from the economic globalization of production, the issues of manual labor and alternative culture like the Do-It-Yourself/DIY movement are also relevant to her work.

Tintin Wulia has exhibited in major international exhibitions such as Istanbul Biennale (2005), Yokohama Triennale (2005), Jakarta Biennale (2009), Moscow Biennale (2009) Gwangju Biennale (2012), Asia Pacific Triennale (2012), Sharjah Biennale (2013) and Jogja Biennale (2013). Her work is part of public and private collections including in the Van Abbemuseum, Singapore Art Museum, Queensland Art Gallery/Gallery of Modern Art and He Xiangning Art Museum. Tintin is an Australia Council for the Arts’ Creative Australia Fellow 2014-2015.

Tintin Wulia’s participation in FIELD MEETING was supported by the Australia Council for the Arts

Tintin Wulia, still of The Citizenshop Randomizer, 2013. Interactive installation with standalone claw vending machine, dimensions variable. Courtesy of the artist