Vibha GALHOTRA (New Delhi)


Vibha Galhotra took us on a visual journey of the Yamuna river in Delhi. By invoking its mythological significance, Vibha mourned the river’s current polluted state through photo/video documentation, and called upon her audience to act on issues regarding ecological catastrophe.

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Vibha Galhotra is a conceptual artist whose large-scale sculptures address the shifting topography of the world under the impact of globalization and growth. She sees herself as a part of the restructuring of culture, society and geography – both of New Delhi, and the world. She has shown extensively in India and internationally, including at the Colombo Art Biennale, Sri Lanka; San Jose Museum of Art, USA.; Museum of Contemporary Art Shanghai; Soros Center for Contemporary Art, Kazakhstan; Gut Gasteil, Austria; Europos Parkas, Lithuania; and Max Mueller Bhavan, India. Galhotra also participated in ICASTICA 2013 International Women’s Art Biennial in Arezzo, Italy. She has been awarded the Inlaks Foundation Award, MHRD National Scholarship, Artist Under 30 Year Award, and Chandigarh State Lalit Kala Academy Award.

Vibha Galhotra’sparticipation in FIELD MEETING is supported by Exhibit320 (New Delhi)
Top Right: Image courtesy of Derick Marquez.
Bottom Left: Image courtesy of the artist.