ACAW 2009, Sunday May 10 - Monday May 18, 2009
Receptions, Exhibition Viewings, Screenings, Artists Talks and Walkthroughs
Asian Contemporary Art Week (ACAW) Sun May 10 - Mon May 18, 2009

On behalf of Asian Contemporary Art Consortium (ACAC), I am delighted to invite you to the 6th edition of Asian Contemporary Art Week featuring numerous exhibitions and showcasing works by over two hundred artists. ACAW 2009 also presents Open Portfolios, a series of artists talks, screenings, performances and artists led walkthroughs at participating galleries and museums across New York City.

Since its inception in 2001, ACAW has grown tremendously, yielding a bulls-eye view of what is up and coming each year in Asian contemporary art, and also increasing the visibility of artists and inciting critical dialogue about their works. While the week has evolved responding to shifts in the art scene, it has never lost sight of
its commitment to education. During the past few years’ remarkable and euphoric rise in the profiles of Asian artists, ACAW continued to fill gaps by balancing discrepancies in the market and exhibition arenas.

In 2009 we face a world much different from the previous year.  Changes in politics and economics are causing many to question their motives in relation to art and its practice. In times of economic uncertainty, many may feel compelled to recede from participating in larger world-art dialogues.  This position, while understandable, may cause sizable harm calling a halt to the progress we have made over the past few decades. The sense of dynamism we now find in the New York art scene can easily be lost. 

ACAW is an event that is intrinsically tied to the wider phenomenon of artists at their best; making
works that are significant in local arenas yet highly relevant in the context of international contemporary art discourse.  For this reason, ACAW is moving forward in its mission to sustain public interaction with artists and art professionals from countries as far off our shores as Afghanistan, Cambodia, Indonesia, Iran, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Taiwan, Tibet and other regions of Asia.

Leeza Ahmady
Director, Asian Contemporary Art Week


ACAW is organized by Asian Contemporary Art Consortium* in association with Asia Society

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Consortium Members Include:
Jung Lee Sanders, Art Projects Interntional
Melissa Chiu and Miwako Tezuka, Asia Society and Museum
Steve Pacia and Shumita Bose, Bose Pacia
Xiaoming Zhang, China Guardian Auctions Co., Ltd.
France Pepper, China Institute
Ethan Cohen, Ethan Cohen Fine Arts
Joe Earle, Japan Society
Philippe Koutouzis, Marlborough Gallery
Esa Epstein, Sepia International / The Alkazi Collection
Alexandra Munroe and Sandhini Poddar, Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum
Thomas Erben, Thomas Erben Gallery
Jack and Susy Wadsworth, Collectors

Leeza Ahmady, ACAW Director (Independent Curator)



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ACAW 2009 Staff
Leeza Ahmady / Director
Yuri Sakamoto / Program Coordinator
Daisy Amornvivat / Assistant Coordinator
Sophie Lvoff / Assistant Coordinator
Matthew Torres / Assistant Coordinator
Rikayo Horimizu / Website Design
Peter Lukic / Program Brochure Design
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