ACAW 2017 | Press Coverage

ACAW 2017 FIELD MEETING forum & ACAW THINKING PROJECTS Pop-up Exhibitions Coverage

OCULA,”ACAW FIELD MEETING Take 5: Thinking Projects”

Tianyuan Deng, Novmber 10, 2017
“While bringing Asian practitioners from the ‘periphery’ to the ‘centre’ remains a consistent feature of ACAW’s signature forum, this year’s iteration built upon its previous rejections of Euro-American-centric triumphalism.” > View as a PDF

ArtAsiaPacific,”A Bite of Everywhere: Song Dong’s Eating The City”

Mimi Wong, Novmber 8, 2017
“For Song, eating signifies life itself.” > View as a PDF

Hyperallergic,”Mining Mineral Structures with Watercolor and Sediment”

Barbara Pollack, Novmber 6, 2017
“Mineral geometries and natural forms inspire delicate artworks with fractal patterns and meticulous details.” > View as a PDF

ArtAsiaPacific,”Yu Fan”

Mimi Wong, 2017
“The ceramics on show were drawn from a set of 80 hand-sized sculptures, collectively known as Gifts, made during the artist’s month-long residency this year at the School of Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts in Boston.” > View as a PDF


Tausif Noor, November 3, 2017
“…Asia Contemporary Art Week’s Field Meeting convened to address the bounds and possibilities of the “project,” a concept that has become increasingly popular in artistic practice.” > View as a PDF

China Daily USA,”Festival fosters youth cultural exchanges- food meets art”

Zhang Ruian, October 24, 2017
“‘Eating is a very important part of Chinese culture,’ said Song.” > View as a PDF

Arte Fuse, “Re-Thinking Home: ACAW’s THINKING PROJECTS Pop Up at C24 Gallery”

Audra Lambert, October 23, 2017
Thinking Projects Pop Up at C24 gallery can seem at first glance to be an expedition: before you, wonders of the world are arrayed in complex congurations.” > View as a PDF

Art Radar,”Highlights from Asia Contemporary Art Week 2017 in New York”

Junni Chen, October 18, 2017
“Asia Contemporary Art Week pulls together some of New York’s biggest museums, galleries, and institutions to shine the spotlight on visual arts from Asia.” > View as a PDF

BLOUIN ARTINFO, “Guo Hongwei & Judy Blum-Reddy at Chambers Fine Art, New York”

BLOUIN ARTINFO, October 13, 2017
“It is basically a pop-up exhibition series presenting research-based, ongoing artistic endeavors by nine noted artists from China, Indonesia, Turkey, India, and the Us.” > View as a PDF

Ocula, “An Introduction to FIELD MEETING Take 5: THINKING PROJECTS, New York”

October 6, 2017
“…FIELD MEETING presentations traverse between disciplines of visual arts, art history, science, social history […] to relect on a variety of significant and timely topics.”>View as a PDF

State of the Arts NYC, “Radio Interview with Leeza Ahmady”

With host Savona Bailey-McClain, September 22, 2017
> View as a PDF

Taipei Cultural Center, “Two Taiwan Artists to Present New Projects at ACAW FIELD MEETING Oct. 14-15”

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NYFA, “Interview with Leeza Ahmady, Director of Asia Contemporary Art Week”

May 1, 2017
“My personal mission as ACAW’s Director is to create visibility for significant artistic content that is generally unrepresented, or that needs specific or broader contextualization.” >View as a PDF

ACAW 2017 Consortium Partners Exhibitions & Programs Coverage

History’s Shadows and Light at Taipei Cultural Center in New York

Hyperallergic, “How Three Photojournalists Documented the Aftermath of 38 Years of Political Turmoil in Taiwan”, by Elena Goukassian, October 11, 2017
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Taipei Times, “Illuminating Taiwan’s history”, by Chris Fuchs, October 4, 2017
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Voice of America, “老照片讲台湾解严故事”, by 方冰 & 久岛, August 31, 2017
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Singtao Daily-USA, “紐約台北文化中心辦 《歷史的暗影,與光》展覽”, by 周靜然, August 28, 2017
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G.R. Iranna at Aicon Gallery

NY-ArtNews, “5 New York shows selected for you in October 2017”, by Lucrezia Corradini, October 1, 2017
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News India Times, “Exhibitions galore: from Raghubir Singh, to Sacred Spaces, ‘The Primordial Ash'”, by Sujeet Rajan, September 28, 2017
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After Darkness: Southeast Asian Art in the Wake of History at Asia Society

The New York Times, “Southeast Asia Stakes Its Claim in the Art World”, by Jason Farago, September 27, 2017
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Art and China after 1989: Theater of the World at the Guggenheim Museum

Artnet, “The Guggenheim’s Alexandra Munroe on Why ‘The Theater of the World’ was Intended to be Brutal”, by Andrew Goldstein, September 26, 2017
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The New York Times, “Where the Wild Things are: China’s Art Dreamers at the Guggenheim”, by Jane Perlez, September 20, 2017
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Hiroshi Sugimoto: Gates of Paradise at Japan Society

Wallpaper, “Hiroshi Sugimoto retraces one of the earliest encounters between Japan and the West”, by Charlotte Jansen, October 18, 2017
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Referencing Alexander Calder: A Dialogue in Contemporary Chinese Art at Klein Sun Gallery

Arte Fuse, “Alexander Calder’s Style Influences Chinese Contemporary Artists”, by Alison Martin, September 27, 2017
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Raghubir Singh: Modernism on the Ganges at The Met Breuer

The New Yorker, “Raghubir Singh: Modernism on the Ganges”
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FOLD: Golden Venture Paper Sculptures at Museum of Chinese in America

Sing Tao Daily, “Paper Sculptures: Tackling the Golden Venture through Art”, by Lotus Chau, October 10, 2017
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Patty Chang: The Wandering Lake, 2009-2017 at Queens Museum

The New York Times, “A Bold Explorer Surfaces in ‘Wandering Lake'”, by Nancy Princenthal, October 18, 2017
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Creative Capital, “Bodies and Landscapes: Patty Chang’s The Wandering Lake Premieres at Queens Museum”, by Alex Teplitzky, September 15, 2017
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Wrestling the Demon: Noriko and Ushio Shinohara at Ronin Gallery

artnet News, “Editors’ Picks: 18 Things to See in New York this Week”, October 10, 2017
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Tiffany Chung: The Unwanted Population at Tyler Rollins Fine Art

artnet News, “Here are 51 New York Gallery Shows that You Need to (Somehow) See this September”, by Sarah Cascone, September 7, 2017
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The New York Times, “What to See in New York Art Galleries This Week”, by Holland Cotter, Roberta Smith, and Martha Schwendener, September 28, 2017
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